My Art

art helps me navigate my cancer

I made art to process the experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer at 46.

Tumor in a Box

Mixed Media, 2013

From an urge to externalize my experience with cancer, it tries to tell the story of a cancer journey.


A video of the piece, before it was mounted on the board. You can hear the soundtrack.


Mixed Media, 2014

Tamoximan tells it like it is. When you push his buttons, he recites limericks about what it's really like to take tamoxifen.


Hallmarks of Cancer

Mixed Media, 2014

In an homage to Christopher Hitchens, whose book Mortality was a great help to me in during my darkest days, it plays quotes from the book related to the human hallmarks of cancer.

With an apology to Dr. Hanahan & Dr. Weinberg, whose influential summary of our knowledge on cancer inspired me.


With Skeleton

Exploring the experience of being a cancer patient. 
Mixed Media, 2016


Conveyor Belt

Down in the Oncomine

Our Daily Pill

The Thing in the Basement