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Where have I been in the world (that supports Google Location History)? Here is my map - see this article by Thomas Essl for easy-to-follow instructions on how to make your own.

A heatmap of my Google Location History 2013-2018 (not all locations have data - for example, I was in Mongolia in 2011 but there are no data there).

A heatmap of my Google Location History 2013-2018 (not all locations have data - for example, I was in Mongolia in 2011 but there are no data there).

Work Travel

From July 2010 until September 2017 I was privileged to be part of MD Anderson's Global Academic Programs (GAP). MD Anderson is part of the University of Texas, and is the largest NCI-designated cancer center in the US. GAP's function during my tenure was to support the international academic collaboration of MD Anderson's faculty by forming and supporting institutional relationships across the globe. As a result I was lucky to travel to many interesting places and visit and work with cancer hospitals and research organizations. This visualization shows my travels during this time. 

Panoramas made with a Panono 360 camera

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Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park near Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania has amazing giraffes - here several are grazing in the remaining lush grasses at the end of the dry season in March 2016.

Zanzibar Slave Market

The old slave market was replaced by an Anglican Cathedral when it was shut down. Vast numbers of slaves from all over East and Central Africa passed through this market on their way to Arab countries and the West Indies.

Zanzibar Jaws Square

Jaws square is a popular place for political conversations in Zanzibar's Stone Town. In March it was decorated in the colors and posters of the opposition in the wake of controversial elections. 

Zanzibar Palace Hotel

A beautiful courtyard in Stone Town's Palace Hotel with an inviting pool. It was around 37 degees celsius on our visit in late March, and I was tempted to jump clothes, camera and all...

Zanzibar Old Fort

The old fort in Zanzibar's Stone Town is now the venue for cultural events, and you can get henna painting there.


UWC Dilijan College - a great IB school with an international student body, started by the IDeA Foundation in Armenia. 

Haghartsin Monastery near Dilijan - great monastery in a beautiful location. 



The view from the Mount of Olives.

Overlooking the Temple Mount from the west

The wailing or western wall of the Temple mount.

This structure was built by Herod, when he expanded the temple complex, and is the only remaining structure connected with the Jewish temple, destroyed by Titus around 70 AD.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Orthodox section with Golgotha.

The ancient stone, near the entrance to the church, at the time of a ceremony inaugurating an official of the Catholic Church, from the Franciscans. 

The Tomb, and opposite, the Catholic section.

The Catholic section.



The wider part of the Siq with the Treasury.

An underground chamber near the Treasury.

The theater near the center of the city.